• Des Moines Mini DJ Rental Audio System

MiniDJ Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions associated with our service. We've made every effort to answer any questions about the service that we offer in this document in a way that is pretty clear and uncomplicated. You might notice that we didn't write this in a bunch of legal jargon. We did that in the hope that you will actually read some (or all) of this so that you know exactly what you're getting into! That said, if you're wondering if we offer something that isn't listed here, you can assume that the answer to your question is "no". So, here's what MiniDJ is all about:

MiniDJ is a service that is designed to offer a high-quality, low cost DIY (Do It Yourself) DJ rental equipment for small to medium sized events and venues. Although our name is MiniDJ, we do not provide any Disc Jockey services, we only provide our MiniDJ DIY system which includes equipment and music on a rental basis. If you are looking for a full-service professional DJ, please visit our parent company Thunder & Lightning Sound and Lighting. Also, we only provide our DIY systems as a package, we do not rent out individual components such as a set of speakers or an amp. You can feel free to not take all of the equipment on pickup, but there will be no discount in the rental price if you choose to do so.

Our payment system is simple. To rent one of our DIY systems you must pay the full $199 rental fee prior to, or at the time of, pickup (or delivery). If you would prefer to reserve a system in advance, you can do so by paying the $99 rental deposit. The $99 rental deposit is a non-refundable charge which we will not return if you decide to cancel your event or choose not to use the equipment. If you choose to reserve a system in advance, the remainder of the balance will be due on pickup (or delivery). Keep in mind that if you choose the delivery option and will not be present during setup to make the final payment, payment will need to be made prior to the delivery. We don't require that you reserve the equipment in advance, but we do have very limited availability and our MiniDJ systems are on a first-come-first-served basis. So, if your event date falls on a busy day (Friday or Saturday), it may be in your best interest to reserve a system in advance.

Our basic $199 package requires that you pickup and return the equipment to our specified location. Our pickup/drop-off location is in Central Des Moines, we will provide you with the exact address prior to pickup. Since we do not have a storefront or standard business hours, pickup and drop-off must be done on a scheduled basis. In order to reserve a system you must do so either by phone or through this website before scheduling your pickup time. Once you pickup (or we deliver) the equipment, you will receive a full 24 hour rental period which means that the equipment must be returned within 24 hours from the time of pickup. If you choose to keep the equipment for additional time, you will be charged on a per day basis at the standard rate of $199.

If you are planning on picking up the equipment yourself, make sure you realize that our MiniDJ systems are very compact but still take up a fair amount of room. For reference, the MiniDJ system will fit in the trunk of a mid-sized car (Chevy Impala). Just make sure you have sufficient space available in your vehicle. Also keep in mind that the system consists of professional DJ equipment so it is somewhat heavy, so be prepared.

We also offer a delivery option which includes: 1) delivery of the equipment to a location of your choice within 10 miles of Des Moines, Iowa, 2) setup of the equipment so everything is ready for playback, 3) tear-down of the equipment 24 hours after setup (the following day), 4) pickup and return to our location. This option is available for only $50 in addition to the base price of $199. If your location is not in our service area, we will travel for $3.00 per mile one-direction from Des Moines, IA 50311. For example, if your event is going to be held 40 miles from our location, you would be charged an additional mileage fee of $3.00 per mile for the 40 miles plus the $50 delivery charge.

When choosing this option, we require payment at the time of delivery. Once your reservation has been made and paid for, we must then schedule delivery and pickup times. Keep in mind, pickup will normally have to occur on the day after the delivery, normally at the same time. So, if the equipment is going to be stored at a venue or location where you may not have access to the following day, you will need to make other arrangements so that we will be able to do a pickup. For example, if we deliver the equipment on Saturday afternoon and you will be done using it Saturday evening at 11:30 PM, pickup cannot be made that evening and will have to be scheduled for Sunday afternoon. If you are not able to make such arrangements, you can choose to return the equipment yourself or we may be able to make special arrangements in which additional charges will apply.

This one is pretty simple. We don't offer lighting or any other type of special effects (e.g. fog, bubbles, etc.). Again, this is something that we do in order to keep our system as easy as possible to setup and run as well as minimize the size requirements for pickup and delivery.

We think it's important to have a top of the line sound system, so that is exactly what you will receive. Our speakers, amps, and audio gear is professional, high quality equipment so that the music will sound great at your event. However, you should also know that our system is designed for small to medium sized events and venues. So, for example, if you're expecting 250+ people at your event, our system isn't going to provide chest-thumping bass. The music will still sound good, but you shouldn't expect nightclub level volume. On the other hand, if you're in a smaller venue (or if you're just looking to save some money), our system will be as good, if not better, than many DJs.

Music / Playlists
We feel that equipment is nothing without great music and playlists, which is one way we set ourselves apart from rental companies and home systems. Our MiniDJ systems come complete with an Apple iPad or iPod pre-loaded with thousands of songs for your convenience. Since our parent company is a premium DJ service, we have access to all of the newest and hottest music releases in all of the seven major genres (pop, hip-hop, A/C, country, rock, dance, and christian) as well as a fantastic selection of older hits that you and your guests are sure to enjoy (visit our music section for more information). The integrated iPad or iPod is also be pre-loaded with a number of great DJ-created playlists to help in your music selection. If you have your own device and choose to hook it in to our system, you can do so using our included 1/8" jack. This is a headphone-sized jack which will allow you to connect your iPod, MP3 player, laptop, or other standard device. Of course, we only provide the connection and can't help you run your particular device. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage you may cause to your equipment while using or trying to connect your device to our system.

With that said, remember that this is a Do It Yourself service so all of the music selection, playback, and announcements will be handled by you (or whomever you choose to put in charge). Furthermore, we do not provide any assistance on running the iPad or iPod, we have chosen the world's most popular MP3 player so the greatest number of people would know how to use it. If you have any questions on using an iPad or iPod, you will have to refer to the Apple support website.

As we've mentioned before, our MiniDJ systems are custom designed for quick setup and easier transportation and are intended for a normal person's use (you don't need to be an audio engineer to set it up). Upon pickup or delivery, we will give you a quick 5-minute explanation and demonstration on setting up and running the system. For a normal person (once you have the equipment at the location), we would expect anywhere from 5-15 minutes to get everything up and running. If you will be having us do the delivery and setup, then we have a couple of requirements that you will need to have ready for us at the setup location (and we would suggest that you have this as well if you plan on setting the system up yourself):

• One small table, counter, or other area to set the main console.
• The aforementioned table should be setup where you want the equipment to be located.
• There must be one 15 amp grounded (that's three prongs) electrical outlet no more than 25 feet from the table (there should not be anything else running on that circuit). That doesn't mean that you can run an extension cord, it means that there must be an actual wall outlet within 25 feet of our setup.

Rental Period
You may have noticed that we only have one option when it comes to rental length--24 hours. Event though you may only be planning an afternoon event and only want to use the equipment for a couple of hours, we cannot offer a reduced rate. Since most events take place on the same day and at or around the same time, once a system is out for a few hours, it is not possible to schedule it for another event that day. Simply put, this means that every rental is charged at a full 24 hour rate whether you use the whole 24 hours or not. If you are unable to return the equipment within the 24 hour time period and choose to keep it longer, you will be charged the full rate on a daily basis until it is returned. Remember, we would like to be as accommodating as possible, but since we do take reservations for future rentals, we are normally depending on the equipment being back before the 24 hour period is up so it can be re-rented.

Before we turn over the equipment to you (whether you pick it up or we deliver it) you must sign an Equipment Rental Agreement. You may review that document before making any commitment. These terms and conditions are an extension of the Contract so please read them carefully.